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A Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be extremely rewarding. Many people assume that they need to add square footage to get the house of their dreams, but this can sometimes lead to a dysfunctional layout, or underutilized spaces. There may already be enough room available in your house to achieve your goals by doing some creative reconfiguring. Read below for an example of one such project:

SOUTHWEST Michigan - A hundred-year-old cottage located on a Lake Michigan marina was in need of major remodeling. Circulation patterns were awkward and stairways were dangerously steep, the best views of the marina were hidden from inside the house by existing roof lines, and third floor bedrooms were terrible head knockers from being forced under the same roof.

The solution was to “tip up” the main roof, so that windows and doors could be installed across a new second floor living room wall, creating an almost 180-degree panoramic view of marina and town beyond. Unsafe stairways were removed and code-compliant ones were stacked along one wall, a circular steel stair was added between rebuilt porches, resulting in unique two-story screened-in areas. Interior floor supports were removed and replaced by a 30-foot-long steel beam, leaving rebuilt floor framing exposed and painted white, to create an airy, light-filled room which now serves as the backdrop for spectacular views outside.

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