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The Process

Ok, you've made a big're really going to build the home of your dreams...or perhaps you're finally going to remodel that old house which never quite met your needs, but you still like the neighborhood. Either way, you don't want to make a mistake, and you certainly don't want to spend all that time and money if the final product doesn't fulfill your goals and aspirations.

For most people, your home may be the largest single purchase you'll ever make, yet it's surprising how many people spend more time picking out a new car than they do in deciding what kind of home is right for them. People who sell houses will tell you it's only about whether "the wife likes the kitchen", or that "it's a good investment" because it has the correct number of bedrooms. I sell lifestyles, because no home is a good value if it doesn't meet your needs and enhance the way you live. For about the same cost as yet another sales commission, I can design a home or addition that not only reflects your unique lifestyle and personality, but also makes a substantial investment in your happiness and quality of life.

Now don't get me wrong...not everyone needs an architect to design their house. If you want a basic roof over your head or plan to live there for only a year or two, then by all means, find a plan in a book and take it to a reputable contractor; but if you're serious about wanting a home that will add to the enjoyment of life for years to come, then talk to an architect like me before you build.Unlike many large firms, I am extremely flexible in terms of how much, or how little, you hire me to do. The process varies, depending on what level of services you desire. As a full-service architect, I can provide you with everything you need, from selecting the building site to hanging your artwork at the end, and everything in between!

For those who are hesitant to commit to full services, I can tailor my work to your needs. For example, I could create a preliminary design for you to start, then continue only if you so choose. Or I could develop a preliminary design and basic construction drawings for you and your builder, then visit the jobsite 5-6 times during construction to review the work and offer assistance where needed.

There are a multitude of decisions that must be made if you want your house to be a true reflection of you and your family. And no matter how large or small your project is, I know it all starts with doing a lot of careful listening to you. My goal is to give you a unique solution which respects your desires, fits your budget, and solves your problems in ways you might never have considered on your own.

All my projects are designed using some of the best 3D software available for architects, allowing my clients to actually see and understand what they are getting very early on in the design process: rather than being stuck with looking at flat two-dimensional drawings, they virtually walk in and around a "live" model, where refinements can be made on the fly and options reviewed almost immediately.

Give me a call at 269.321.1890 to start the conversation, or click here to send me an email!

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